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Let us take care of your WordPress website. Our service includes super-fast web hosting and cutting-edge security.

Rest assured that your website is in safe hands. Our hosting and maintenance package keeps your website secure, backed up, updated and much more.

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Our hosting and maintenance package covers everything required to keep your WordPress website healthy. Without regular maintenance, WordPress websites become vulnerable to threats that can damage your brand and your reputation with search engines like Google. We ensure your website remains in excellent condition.

Super-fast Web Hosting

We use the latest server technology and best practices to ensure your website loads quickly. Unlike other hosting providers, we never overload our servers.

Enterprise-grade Backups

We backup your website in realtime, so the latest version can always be restored in the event of any issues. We use enterprise-grade encryption and data replication methods to keep your backups safe.

Regular Updates

We update your site regularly, which helps to prevent security vulnerabilities and fix bugs. We take care of WordPress, plugin and theme updates for you. 

Advanced Security

We use modern firewalls and malware detection to keep your website safe from threats.

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We’re WordPress Experts

We know WordPress inside-out. Not only does our service keep your website in top condition, but you can also rest easy knowing our skilled developers are available when you need them.