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SEO is at the heart of everything we do.

Our tech experts know exactly what will provide results for your brand. It’s linked to everything else we do; SEO helps your new customers find you for the first time, while our other strategies keep those people coming back and ensuring they convert.


When we start working with you the first thing we’ll do is take some time to get to know your industry. We need to understand who your customers are, the type of content they find useful and the search terms they will use to find you. We need to know what your aims are too. How does your company see itself? What search terms do you want to appear on page one for? Once we’ve hashed out all these details at a kick off meeting, we’re ready to get started.


To keep a car running optimally, you need to take a look under the bonnet every once in a while and fix any issues. It’s a similar story when it comes to your website. Our team of SEO specialists will spend a day analysing the back-end of your site to make sure that it’s SEO-optimised. Like a car mechanic, they’ll look in places that the untrained eye wouldn’t even think to. The result is an audit document, a full run-down of the pros and cons of your site’s SEO.

The Move Strategy

Using the insight from our research we will implement your strategy. This is typically split into two strands: on and off-site. On-site strategy regards changes to the site itself. Every change we make is aimed at ensuring that your site is more Google friendly. And, as Google constantly changes, we constantly adapt our approach, keeping abreast of changes in the digital landscape so you don’t have to.

Off-site strategy regards the creation of links on external sites. One of the biggest factors that influence your position on Google is quality links and referral traffic received from external sites. We create engaging content and send it to industry publications, bloggers and national heavyweights. In return, journalists reward us with valuable links, which boost traffic, rankings and SEO.


Our reporting can be delivered to you at a frequency of your choice, though typically we’ll provide our clients with weekly or monthly reports. Our dashboard allows you to understand how your visitors and interacting with the site, and what changes need to be made to ensure the maximum number of conversions. We also provide competitor analysis, if you want to see what your peers are up to.

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