I’m getting massively excited about the possibilities of Voice search. My son who is 10 is always messing about on my phone and I noticed last week that he didn’t actually type anything and either used Siri or Google Voice. This made me realise that the next generation of people buying Nike Trainers or booking train tickets online are going to say it, rather than type it.
In fact, it’s already started as in the USA 20% of searches are conducted by voice. This is starting to turn SEO on its head.

Gary is usually right

Gary Vee has been making some pretty bold statements in the past few months about Alexa and how it has the potential to kill Google. Gary, has always been a few steps ahead and has started a Gary Vee 365 Flash briefing. Check out the episode of Daily Vee, below.

Conversational Search Queries

Voice Search stats
From Move’s point of the view the impact of voice search is a big deal as it means when were take on a client, we now have to think about search queries being said rather than written. We say things differently compared to how we write them. The queries are much more conversational, which means landing pages have to reflect this.
A great way to overcome this is to create a comprehensive FAQ’s landing page, which focuses on the conversational keywords and answer the queries.
Searches like “ Best Mountain Bike ” will be replaced by much more direct queries like,
“ Alexa, what’s the best mountain bike under £1000 which is lightweight. ”
The FAQ page will need to give the correct answer to this query.
“ The best mountain bike for under £1000 which is lightweight is the Raleigh Extreme. It weighs 10kg and can be purchased from Geraint’s bikes in Brixton. ”
All very exciting and something we are going to be focusing on in 2018.