Here at Move, we have a long history of working in the forklift truck industry.  Geraint, who founded the company was the digital marketing specialist at Barloworld, where Geraint succeeded in getting the company to the number one spot for the UK in Google for the keyword ‘forklift’.
Now working independently, we’ve achieved amazing results for forklift dealers across the UK, getting our clients the top spots they need, and generating hundreds of leads for them in the process. You can check out the Hiremech case study here.
The forklift industry lends itself well to Digital Marketing. Typically a forklift dealer will have a 100’s sometimes 1000’s of forklifts available to hire out for a day or a year. The internet can provide dealers with valuable leads, which are their lifeblood.
It is little wonder that forklift leads are so valuable, and can culminate not only in sales, but in long-term repeat business that can make a huge difference to a company’s profit margins.
It’s surprising how few forklift retailers and dealers utilise the power of the internet to set themselves apart from their competitors, and take their place at the top of the sector.
If you’re wondering how exactly that’s done, let us give you an insight into how we generate leads for the forklift industry.
How to generate leads in the forklift industry

#1: Local SEO

Google My Business
Local SEO is one of the most important tools in our arsenal. Helping potential buyers in your area to find your product quickly and easily, it’s becoming an increasingly effective online instrument because of the ever growing number of ‘near me’ searches that are being performed. The majority of the fokrlift buyers who carry out such searches do so with the decision to purchase or hire already made, and their sole remaining purpose being to locate a suitable supplier, meaning that they’re a prime audience for your online offerings. This makes Google My Business, which makes it easier for brands to connect with local customers, an invaluable aid.

#2: Facebook adverts

facebook adverts
We also make use of Facebook adverts. You will likely be familiar with these already, as we have all seen them pop up on our own homepages when we log in. Cost effective to invest in, they require you to spend pence as opposed to pounds in order to deliver clicks, and are quick and easy to set-up. They will typically target those who have previously shown an interest in such products and who are local to your business (a method known as ‘hyperlocal targeting’), which gives them a relatively high conversion rate.

#3: Pay per click (PPC)

Marketing for forklifts
PPC is another tool that we frequently employ when trying to generate productive leads, and has helped to spawn hundreds of sales for our forklift clients up to this point. Charging you only when one of your ads is clicked, its price has increased in recent years for those hoping to use it in searches for forklift trucks, but it remains eminently reasonable when one considers the results it typically delivers.
With an ever growing internet audience, many of them using mobile devices to perform their searches, businesses today are now inarguably generating a large number of their sales through the medium of their websites, whether these are used by the buyer as a means of gaining information or as the platform for making a purchase. This makes them absolutely invaluable, and also means that you simply cannot afford to ignore digital marketing and the many opportunities it offers any longer.
We love working with forklift dealers. If you need any help with your online lead generation give get in touch.