When I set up Move back in 2012 it was just me in my garden shed and 4 years later its crazy to think how far we’ve come.
We’ve gone from my shed to the West End and back over the river to our lovely studio in Kennington. We are now 7 strong and excited about the amazing services we are able to offer our clients.
In 2016 we started offering App builds to our clients. I’m getting increasingly obsessed with the start-up community in the UK and getting more and more requests to work with start-ups to launch their products. So I decided to bite the bullet and take on a full time UX-UI designer as well a programmer to help build Apps. We are currently building and handful, which are very interesting and disrupting their particular industries.
The dream for us @ Move has always been to help companies grow. When we get phone calls from clients excited that enquires have gone through the roof or that turn over is increasing it literally makes our day. So, helping build companies from the bottom up makes sense to us as we can take them from an idea to customers.
There are some amazing resources out there, which make great listing material. The one that stands out for me is “ This Week in Start Ups “ which is basically an MBA course for anyone wanting to get into tech and dreams. Check out http://thisweekinstartups.com. The guy who presents it is called Jason Calacansis and is arguably the number one angel investor in the world. He bought some stock in Uber early on (he mentions this in every podcast)
So Move is on the Move and excited about getting into to new areas and working with lots of new entrepreneurs.