Halloween is on the horizon and consumers are searching for masks, pumpkins and ghoulish outfits. Half of the people dressing up will need special makeup, and one in three have already started planning their costume. It’s time to get planning for Halloween!
While often overlooked, Halloween is one of the biggest annual events and is targeted by lots of savvy digital marketers. Halloween is really popular in this country and you can expect to see a lot of companies competing for advertising space. Make sure that you are ready with this quick guide.

halloween expectations by google

Are you ready for this?

Our three tips to get the most out of your digital marketing campaign this Halloween:

Optimise your search, shopping, display and video campaigns to capture interest categories (costumes, decorations etc). You can achieve this by researching and tailoring your content to the relevant trends.

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    • Target top searches and use Google Trends to monitor what’s hot. For instance, ‘makeup’ was an incredibly popular search term during October last year.
google trends makeup search halloween

Google Trends

    • Capture full demand on mobile. More than half of all beauty and makeup related searches come from mobile devices. If you aren’t ready for mobile, you are already missing out.

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