fast runners
If you haven’t heard it yet, 5G is coming! It’s coming soon and it’s coming fast! In five years we can expect to see stupidly fast mobile internet everywhere. It’s going to be ubiquitous and it’s going to change the way that SEO and Digital Marketing agencies do everything.
It seems like only yesterday that we were clumsily stumbling through the first days of 3G, trying to make sense of what super-fast mobile internet meant for us in the SEO industry. We were asking questions such as will this impact our clients search rankings? Will people start using mobile more? Will what people search for change?
The answer to all of the above was emphatically yes!

What is 5G?

It’s fairly obvious what it is. 5G mobile internet is the next generation of mobile internet. It’s set to be 54,000 times faster than 4G. Average internet speed for most handsets will be 1GB per second. The potential is huge
5G Speed Graph

How can we utilise it?

Faster internet speeds mean that consumers will be more interested and engaged with higher-quality multimedia because they won’t have to wait for what seems like an eternity to load it. Video content will be delivered in an instant.
If you haven’t already implemented video content into your wider SEO and Digital strategy then you really should before it is too late.

How will it impact search?

As we saw with the rapid adoption of mobile internet, mobile searches will increase. People want to know what’s around them as soon as possible. Your business will need to take advantage of that. You shouldn’t have to be reminded but your client’s websites should really be optimised for mobile browsing by now.
One of the big things that came out of this year’s Brighton SEO conference was the concept of location based advertising. If you are hanging out in a certain area or you walk past a particular shop, you can have suggestions on local things to do. Imagine never being stuck for somewhere to eat again? This will be possible due to everyone being on the same playing field.
Super-high speed mobile internet is going to make delivering messages easier. However, as people start to get more wise to AdBlocking and filtering out advertising, the message will need to be more relevant. Faster internet will help us in the way that we deliver our clients message.
However, this service is light years away. When you think of how the SEO industry changes, five years is a really long time. Expect to see 5G hit South Korea by 2018 but it won’t be until 2020 when we start to see 5G fully adopted in Europe. Get ready!