Another week has passed, which means another weekly roundup!
Lot’s going on this week at both MOVE Digital and in the technology world. We got the week off to a great start with a complimentary delivery from our favourite artisan bakers, Gails! Below is the proof in the (quite delicious) pudding.

More serious news in the technology world with the announcement that San Francisco has just implemented a ‘anti-pee’ paint. The  paint reflects the urinating offenders urine back on to themselves which is intended to put them off from making such a public nuisance. Apologies for borrowing the BBC’s headline but the technology is definitely ‘making a splash’.
The most hilarious/depressing news this week comes from that rather unsightly corner of the internet named 4chan. A whistle-blower from the Australian Department of Defence leaked classified documents on the infamous site, only to be dismissed as ‘fake and gay’.
Finally, the big news that everyone has been waiting for. The new MOVE Digital fantasy football league has started up again. There are eager eyes on this weekends developments with everyone hoping to get off to a great start.
Have a fantastic weekend!