London’s number one fork lift rental company Hiremech have collaborated with us to launch their brand new website. Hiremech have been working alongside Move Digital for a number of years now so we were more than happy to collaborate with our friends in north London.
One aspect of the websites previous design that they found needed improvement was the manner in which you navigate around the website. We restructured the website so that the new design features new categories and pages that link together seamlessly. It’s now much easier to find whatever type of fork lift you need.

New menus

The website also features new menus which don’t just look pretty, they are incredibly functional as well. You can now choose your fork lift from a myriad of factors – anything from indoor gas powered fork lifts to outdoor lift reach trucks. The wealth of choice is staggering.
Another fantastic improvement has been the introduction of more detailed descriptions. You can now read more information about why a particular fork lift might suit certain situations. This has added more to the overall look and feel of the site, as well as boosting its Google search ranking.

Updated algorithm

As we’ve already mentioned here, and here, Google is taking mobile-compatibility very seriously indeed. We don’t need to say any more but if your website isn’t mobile-friendly then it’s going to drop in the rankings as a result.
This was one of the core reasons for Hiremech wanting to build a new website. The new website is 100% mobile-friendly. The site features a very impressive Google pagespeed analytics rating for it’s mobile compatibility rating as well as the user experience.
A consequence of all of these improvements is that the website now loads faster as well. These are all contributing factors for Hiremech’s rise up the Google search rankings.