Our former neighbours at Twitter announced yesterday that tweets, mentions and hash-tags would now be visible in mobile searches from browsers as well as mobile apps (the update is soon to come to desktops).

What does this mean?

For example, if you search for a celebrity such as Taylor Swift or you enter the hash-tag #TaylorSwift you will see a selection of the mega-stars latest tweets.

This is a departure from the previous method, where Google simply accessed the Twitter Firehose to gain a real-time indexing ranking. This offered a small selection of results, was fairly restricted, and didn’t really offer the option to explore unlike the new update.

How will this affect me?

This just goes to show that a fully holistic digital strategy will involve a strong social strategy. So many of our clients are now casting their eyes towards this aspect of digital marketing.

The latest addition to Google’s mobile update is a sign of the search engine placing more importance on social media being an important signal for ranking webpages.