As we head into 2015 we thought it would be a good idea to highlight some of our favourite explainer/ how to videos from the past year.

Explainer videos are about communicating information clearly and really explaining what your brand is about. Showing real situations where your app/service/ business will be used is always of great benefit and something the director/producer should get across quickly and clearly. 

As the Videographer at MOVE I think the best explainer videos use the same amount of film as they do animation. Finding the right music and setting a good pace is important but it’s nothing if you don’t present everything in a concise manner.

Here are my top 5 explainer videos and why they were effective: 

#1 Snapchat , It’s Here – May 1st 2014.

The moment we all saw this video at MOVE it was clear this was something to aspire too. The seamless transition from one person to another, one phone to the next and in and out of different scenarios is very clever and extremely well done. 

The video is crisp and clear and really communicates what the app does and how people would use it in an everyday situation. 

#2Instagram Direct – December 10th, 2013. 

In this brightly coloured and summery advert for the Instagram App the director has married the elements of film and music together to create a summery, sentimental atmosphere. The soundtrack acts as a catalyst to the imagery and really sets this off. This is what Instagram is all about. 

#3 Cash Out App – February 6th, 2012.

The shots , titles , music, actors and locale are implemented really effectively in this short one-minute app explanation. 

What is most impressive – and a real tell tale sign of the effectiveness of having quality creative direction – is the absence of any V/O (voice over) at all. It’s a straight-up demo, but money is serious and so is this ad. 

#4 PooPourri, Sep 10th 2013. 

This video is incredibly funny and this tactic has proven to be a success for other similar low cost, simple products such as the “Dollar Shave Club”. The product is outrageous therefore the ad can be too.

Like the Dollar Shave Club, Poopourri knows their demographic well which is why they can be so funny. 

The subject being filmed only switches to some animation in order to lend a more tasteful depiction of how the product works. All in all it’s a clever use of both techniques.  

#5 Air B’n’B – How to,  5th Jan 2011.

This explainer video is great at showing the perks and savings that can be made by using Air B’n’B. It uses the perfect balance of videography and animation to create an informative explainer video. No wonder AIr B’n’B is one of the success stories of 2014 

-Joseph Harvey – Videography – MOVE Digital –