Here’s a quick update to let you all know what’s been going on at Move these past few months. We realise we haven’t updated you on the goings and comings at the Move office so here we go. We have had an exciting few months with the addition of new staff as well as new customers in sectors of business that we never really imagined. We’d like to send out a warm welcome to our new staff, clients and also our new followers on all our social channels.

So we have two fantastic new staff members who have joined our time recently. The first is George who is in charge of Outreach and Growth Hacking which means he is involved in the link-building activities for most of our clients by pitching content to industry related online magazines, as well as creating content for their social media channels and blog pages. George has been a great addition to the team as he is a great writer and also is great at managing relationships with external parties for link building purposes.

The second new member is Ben who is our Operations and Account Manager. He will be supporting Geraint in all aspects of the business especially by managing the top client accounts as well as managing the staff tasks. The rest of us have really enjoyed having Ben around as he has shown us interesting ways for managing and tackling tasks as well as gracing us with his great sense of humour.

Our managing director, Geraint, has also been communicating his SEO knowledge through various events across the city. The most recent being today where Ben will be joining him in his lecture providing up-to-date SEO advice, methods for improving search rankings and optimising web pages amongst other topical tips, for members of the legal industry. Following today’s event, there will be an actual workshop taking place in February which will bring to light some of the key features of search marketing.

More information on this is provided on the flyer below:

If you’re interested in joining this workshop please email [email protected] or you can contact us here at Move

Thank you all for the support so far and thanks for reading this post.

Till next time!