Fashion bloggers are becoming increasingly popular in the media scene and various companies have taken advantage of this opportunity. Blogs which have large amounts of followers are usually approached by top brands to advertise their products by offering them free samples for them to review on their site. This in turn allows their followers to take action in form of website visits or better still purchase intention, following recommendation from their favourite bloggers. These bloggers are seen as influencers in their field because they are good at what they do and they can reach out to a host of different people. It is a lot easier to engage with people in the fashion industry through visual mediums like Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Youtube and even WordPress and Blogger. People like to see what they are working with.
Here are my top 5 fashion bloggers who I think are doing it right at the moment.
1.       Brit Pop Princess
She’s a Youtuber who recently started blogging. I’ve followed her from the beginning. She’s got two Youtube channels (one for her life and the other for beauty tips) and a beauty blog. She engages with her followers who have a personal relationship with her and know most of what there is to know about her life. She is involved in clothing, skincare, hair and makeup tips, with over 450k subscribers on Youtube.
2.       Style Bubble
She has also been around for a few years. She started in 2006 and has remained a top blogger since 2010. She left her 9 – 5 job to become a full time blogger. She is a perfect example of what we call a fashion influencer. Her opinions matter in the world of fashion. She was #69 on the Independent’s 2012 Twitter 100 list and was also the first fashion blogger to pick Bath Fashion Museum’s dress of the year in 2014. She has worked for the likes of Gap, Armani and Selfridges, and was invited to set up her own online boutique on Google’s
3.       Ring My Bell
I initially noticed this beautiful young lady Ashley Madekwe when she played the events planner, Ashley Devonport in the ABC drama, Revenge. Later on I found out that she’s also a personal style guru, and a good one at that. She offers both everyday London girl looks as well as runway style fashion tips. She’s got over 100k followers on Twitter, with a Klout score of 80. Now that’s an influencer!
4.       Eat.Sleep.Wear
This blog is run by Kimberly form New York City who is a graphic designer that is in love with fashion. She takes us through what to wear while eating, sleeping and whatever else you decide to do in life. She’s got over 30k followers on Twitter with a Klout score of 54.
5.       5 inch and up
I absolutely love the way she takes her photos, very innovative and this is what attracts the attention of her followers. Sandra Hagelstam is Finnish however she lives in London. She’s got over 14k followers on Twitter and a Klout score of 54.
The key to a successful fashion blog is quite evident from the successful bloggers above – Photography and consistency. As we can see, Rome was not built in a day, however with consistent posting and with passion and drive, anyone can get to the influencer stage of life.
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