In the last decade the Internet has become a vital marketing tool for businesses of all kinds, and as its influence keeps on growing, it’s more vital than ever. For the music industry especially, which targets younger, tech-savvy individuals, it is becoming perhaps the single most important promotion tool that exists. If you’re in the music industry, I’m not telling you anything you don’t know here. Tools such as Twitter, Facebook, and streaming services like YouTube have fallen into common use by musicians, whether they’re responsible for running them themselves, or someone does it for them.

An aspect of online marketing many businesses overlook, however, is search marketing. You can have an amazing social media strategy, and promote all of your content in the right ways, but if an artist isn’t consistently ranking highly on Google when users type in their name, you’re seriously missing a trick. Whilst social media is very important for promotion of songs, albums, gigs, and so on, if users want to find out more information about your band, they’ll turn to Google. With a good search marketing strategy, you’re making this really easy for them. 

Try it now, give your band’s name a Google. I’ll wait. 

Did it come up in the top 3? If so, great! If not, there’s some work to be done. Chances are, your band’s name will be keywords that have a lot of hits for something else, and as such it won’t feature too highly on the rankings, but fear not! Try Googling ‘Jungle’. Jungle are a band from London, who have shot to prominence in the last 12 months  on the back of their catchy, original music, such as the hit single Busy Earnin’.

You might expect a page regarding what Wikipedia describes as an ‘area of land covered with dense vegetation,’ to come up first, but as you can see below, the band’s official website comes top! 

So as this example shows, an effective search marketing strategy can help your band be found quickly and easily by fans. The same goes for UK rap artist Giggs, his official site comes top after typing in ‘Giggs’, despite his namesake being one of the most celebrated British footballers of all time. 

So how does search marketing work? It’s actually fairly simple. You just need to get links to your band’s site on trusted websites, and that’s where we can help. We pride ourselves on producing high quality written content, and getting it posted on quality websites that Google trusts. Once we’ve done this for you, we guarantee that you’ll see big improvements in your Google rankings.

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