It’s a sad day when your blog gets zero comments.

It’s an even sadder day when your blog gets over 1000 retweets, but no-one is interacting. Amidst the retweets, the +1s, and the shares – are people actually reading your blog posts?

Blogging has changed a lot over the years. Not so much in the sense of how it’s done, but more why it’s done. Have you noticed that pretty much every single website you visit now has a blog? It’s because they’ve finally realised the importance of it. Blogs show the personal side to your company, and if you do it right your customers will come back again and again to read what you have to say.

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However, what companies need to realise is that it’s not just about pushing out content every single minute, day or hour. Your content may be the best thing on the face of Earth, but if you’re not taking the necessary steps for it to be seen properly, then it’s useless. 

As I’ve stated in previous posts, it’s not just about you. The key to good blogging is interacting with other blogs within your field. Look for posts that you are expert in, and comment leaving advice or some sort of praise for a good post, and other things you might think to include. A generic “Great post!” will just seem like you’re on their site just to be noticed, which may be true, but that’s not the first impression you want to give.

Leaving a comment showing that you’ve actually read their post, shows that you are an actual human rather than a robot spamming their comment section.

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Replying to comments is a good way to keep a conversation going, as well. Disqus is a good commenting system, which will notify the user when they have a reply to the comment. If Disqus is not your style, then WordPress also have a plugin, which will send an email to the user when they receive a reply.

Of course, there’s also social media, but I would use it as a follow-up. Unless of course the blog doesn’t have a comment section.

Using these tips, you can make your own comment section go from zero to hero. Your blog will love you for it, trust me.

–    Chynna