Hi guys,

This is just an update on what we’ve been up to in the past week.  We have been so busy with getting new clients and staff, which is excellent news for us; however, we are never too busy to keep you updated.

It feels like we’ve had new people starting every week this month and it’s been very exciting getting to meet these new people and learning about all the cool stuff they can do to help each of our clients.

Our last blog post shows you the first of the new recruits, Johan the French man, as he’s fondly called at the office. He is the new on-site web designer and he is really good at what he does. So far he has succeeded in redesigning some of our client’s websites including Hiremech, the leading forklift truck company in London, who also happen to be one of our biggest clients. Johan has also recreated our “meet the team” page so you can now see what we all look like and know exactly what we do here.

The week after, we had a new girl start with us too. Her name is Towsyn. She will be our new Social Media Strategist along with Chynna. She will handle some of the client’s social media pages and will also create blog content for each of the clients she’s in charge of. Her arrival also came with a new fan for the office as it was very difficult to work at such high temperatures. Is she a good luck charm or what?



A new Business Development Officer has started with us this week. He’s also known as the sales guy and he’s called Nick. He’s a very outspoken guy and that is why he was the perfect fit for the position. We look forward to experiencing the results of his field work.

We are now 6 in the Move Digital London team, which means that we are in need of a bigger office, but guess what? We are moving in a few weeks. We are so excited.

The whole team work like they have known each other for such a long time, even though some of us have just met each other. This is excellent for business as it means that all our work is faster and more efficient because of the cooperation and trust that lies amongst the team.

We are still keeping our customers happy, and looking for new and better ways to do so every day.