When someone says Google Plus, people generally either have a confused face or dismiss it entirely as “just another social network”. Some people don’t even consider it when they list social networks – Facebook and Twitter always coming to mind first – however, Google Plus is something that people should be concerned more about.

Trust me, you’ll soon be saying Google Plus first when someone asks you which social network is the best. Considering Google’s plans to take over the world, you might as well get on their good side and invest in a Google Plus page.

We actually have two clients who have taken to Google Plus like a duck on water and frankly, it’s rather refreshing to see exceptional results due to our amazingness. (Yes, we are blowing our own trumpet.)

Instant Print

During late February we were given the Instant Print account. Instant Print are a printing company based in Fitzrovia.

We went straight to getting their Google Plus page up and running, and were pleased when results started to show straight away. Our recipe for success includes posts not only about Instant Print, but also posts about the printing industry as well.

With over 1000 followers, it is clear that what we are doing works very well. Once you throw in a bit of engagement, Google Plus can work really well for your company.

The secret ingredient are circle shares – these circles are full of people who will definitely engage with your content and you can whittle down the people you follow to one’s that are related to your industry.

It takes a couple of months to nurture a Google Plus page to its full potential. With Instant Print, we found that people were always interested in print because something new happens in the industry all the time – especially now with 3D printing booming. Of course, depending on your company different things will work better for you. Take our next client…

The King’s Canary

The King’s Canary Google Plus page is the sort of page that thrives on reviews. In turn, Google displays these reviews in the search listings – it’s not only great for business, but also shows Google how relevant you are.

There are several ways in which you can get reviews for your page. You can get them naturally, by people just happening to Google your company and decide to review you. Seriously, though, people hardly do that and you kind of have to give them a kick in the butt to get them in gear.

One way is a newsletter, which we found worked very well for The King’s Canary. You can create a newsletter and let your clients know what’s going on in your company and then move forward and let them know you always appreciate reviews.

You don’t tell them straight out to go and write a review for you, because people don’t usually take well to you telling them what to do (trust me). Politely let them know about the fact that they can leave a review for you and leave them up to their own vices.

It will work… trust me.

Google Plus has pretty much be unchanging since it came about, except for layout design. The only thing you have to worry about is whether your Google Plus page will show up in the search listings. I guess that is a big thing to worry about, but once that’s sorted then all you have to concentrate on is pushing fresh content and engaging with all your followers.

I have a feeling Google Plus is going to blow up in a big way.

– Chynna