So as another week draws to a close we are reflecting in Move HQ about another brilliant week.

We’ve been working flat out on our new clients and getting great feedback and results., which is exactly what we want to hear.

We are in talks  with some really exciting companies and we can’t wait to work with them.

Move Trainers

Move Trainers

We’ve also had a pair of MOVE LA trainers designed, which are pretty cool. They are selling out fast to get in touch with us if you want a pair. I think they are the coolest trainers in London!

Panda 4.0

We’ve been analysing our clients traffic and rankings post Panda 4.0 and all clients rankings have improved across the board which is what we would expect really. We are happy keeping Google happy and giving them what they want! All planes are taking off!

Have a brilliant bank holiday for those of you in the UK and we’ll be speaking again with you next week.