The smiling assassin! The smiling assassin!
So Matt Cutt’s from Google has announced that Panda 4.0 was released today.
For those of you that don’t know, Panda is an algorithm update, which Google brought first brought out in 2011. It turned the Search Marketing world on its head and put much greater emphasis on content and sites that try to enhance user experience.
Google wants to reward sites who are experts in their fields and provide visitors with unique, relevant content.

What does Panda 4.0 mean?

From our friend @ Moz From our friend @ Moz
Well its early days, but some huge sites have been hit big time by this update. Most significantly eBay have had a terribly day at the office and according to Dr Pete Meyers from our friends at Moz the sub domain fell from being #6 to #25 in Moz’s big 10 ranking.
This will have a catastrophic effect on eBay search traffic and will ultimately lead to loss of revenue and probably jobs!  I have a feeling that there were a few bins kicked over an raised voices in the eBay head office today!

What does this mean for my site?

Well the update has only been released to very early days but important that you monitor your main rankings. We’ll be updating the site regularly about this and will let you know what impact this update will have on your search marketing strategy.
We’ve checked all of our client rankings and pleased to announce that all are improving, which means Google are Move Digital fans!